Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Janome Binding Attachments

I'm often asked about how to do bias binding.....
Well, Janome have just launched a fantastic new Quilt Binder Set for the Horizon 7700QCP (also fits, MC1100, 6500p & 6600p). Click on the Janome Bulletin below and it will open in a new window... this will make it larger and easier to read.
This is based on the industrial bias binder used in factories for years, but Janome is the first to design an attachment to use on Janome domestic machines. The binder takes 5cm bias, so you can cut your own from any fabric, you don't need to use a bias binder pressing tool, as the attachment creates the two hemmed edges as it feeds through the fabric. It really is a clever attachment!
In the photo below, I am binding a bag opening, and the powerful Horizon machines copes with the thickness easily! The finished bag will be on display this weekend at the Festival of Quilts at the NEC.
http://www.twistedthread.com/pages/exhibitions/viewExhibition.aspx?id=17The other, often overlooked foot, is the Rotary Even Feed Foot, that comes with several attachments. This foot has caterpillar type tyres, which help to feed the fabric through the machine, and the bias binding attachment can be altered to accommodate different widths of binding. This foot doesn't fold the hem edges of the binding, and you do need to use a binding pressing tool. You can also use this attachment to add ribbons as an edging.
I was making my friends little girl some personalised bunting at the weekend, and this attachment was fantastic for adding the tape, in fact, I used satin ribbon to give an even prettier effect! For more information on Janome accessories, check out,
http://www.janome.co.uk/ or contact your local Janome Agent.

I have also found a great article on how to use the new Quilt Binding Set....

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