Monday, 23 May 2011

Embellisher Workshops @ Creative Stitches at Aintree Racecourse were a great success!!

Debbie, from the Sewing and Knitting Centre in Southport ran daily embellisher workshops in the "Quick and Easy" area at Aintree Creative Stitches show this weekend. Debbie and her husband Ivan, also run regular embellisher workshops in Southport as well. Every workshop was buzzing with excitement... and people loved the quickness of producing gorgeous textures on the Janome embellisher.

Most hadn't used the embellisher before and loved it so much... they had to take advantage of the Janome Spring Promotion and order a machine there and then!

Embellishing or felting machines are a great way of using all your scrap fabrics and odd balls of knitting yarns that you have saved for years... you can recycle of woolly jumpers, bed blankets, chiffon scarves... and even add sweety wrapper and plastic vegetable mesh bags to add interesting textures. Debbie, and her husband Ivan, love to spin their own yarns which they then incorporate into their embellisher pieces. Find their yarn in their Folksy Shop Gardeners Rest and you can find them on Facebook
In the Quick and Easy embellisher workshop, everyone created a gorgeous ipod / mobile phone cover... and everyone was unique!

For more information on the Janome embellisher the FM725, have a look at Janome's website, and for more information on the Sewing Centre in Southport, embellisher and other workshops they run (including patchwork and quilting) check out their website HERE.

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