Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Making Christmas Cards ....

Every Christmas I like to make handmade cards for all of the shops I look after in the Midlands, North of England and Scotland. So this year, I thought I would show you the process on my blog.....1. A5 pre folded cards - print "Merry Christmas" and "Handmade by Heidi ..." using Microsoft Publisher.
2. Cut out small triangles of Christmas type cotton fabric.

3. Using temporary spare glue (the type you would use for embroidery), stick the fabric triangles onto the card in a row.

4. Set your sewing machine up for Free Machine Embroidery (use the correct foot for your machine and drop the feed dogs or use a needle plate cover) and machine around the bunting style flags.

5. And there finished!!! I need to make over 100... So I best get busy!

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  1. These look fantastic! Will definately remember these for next year


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