Wednesday, 15 December 2010

A wonderful attachment.... the Ruffler!!!!

The Ruffler Attachment is one of my favourites at the moment... and in the past few weeks I have used it for many projects! Check out THIS post from a few weeks ago, I used the Ruffler to create easy fabric flowers for my necklace / bib. Customers are always interested in this attachment, yet when they see it.... quite scared! Yet, it is so simple and works on most Janome machines.

For all current Janome machines (expect 6600p/7700p) use THIS Ruffler
For 6600p & 7700p, also know as the Horizon, use THIS Ruffler If you have an older model, please call your local stockist or our Head Office to check you have the correct Ruffler for your machine.

A Ruffler will also join a flat piece of fabric to a ruffled / pleated piece of fabric as it stitches. I will show you this in another post.

When you first take the Ruffler out of the box, follow the instructions to fit it to your own machine. You will need to loosen the screws at the back of the Ruffler, fit it to your machine and lower the needle into the needle hole (using centre straight stitch), and then tighten the screws at the back on the Ruffler. This only needs doing once.... unless of course you change your machine and you will need to repeat this process. When you are putting the fabric to be ruffled or pleated into the attachment, make sure you can see the prongs or teeth on top of your fabric, as above.

This guide at the front of the Ruffler, shows how many stitches between each ruffle or pleat.
1 - is every stitch will create a pleat

6 - every sixth stitch will create a pleat

12 - every twelfth stitch will create a pleat

* - is no pleats

This guide shows you how deep each pleat will be. The lower the number, the smaller the pleat or ruffle. If you use the setting above, as a pleat every stitch and small depth of pleat... you will create a gathered effect.

If you select every six stitches

and the deepest depth of pleat (a large number on the guide on the left) you will produce the effect on the dress below.

For this dress I made for the Clothes Show at the NEC last week, I made a ruffled trim using black silk organza. I had every six stitches selected and the largest depth of pleat.

I stitched the pleated trim to black organza I had embroidered with decorative stitches on my Horizon ( stitch NO. 206 & 128), I used my Blind Hem Foot to edge stitch and keep it straight and neat. Change your needle position to far left on straight stitch.

I used the pleated / ruffled trim to decorate the front of the dress and the belt.

And the finished dress on display at the Clothes Show!

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